How much can we save you?

We can tell you almost exactly your immediate and long term savings.

Please send us your complete electrical invoices for the past 12 months, we will respond in a few days the a very good approximation for your total savings.

Different from solar panels or other alternative sources of energies, where recouping your investment will take years, the cost of installation of this device comes directly from immediately savings, and you start pocketing the savings from the third or fourth month after the installation.

No subventions, tax credits or financing necessary!

Just  snap/scan/fax/mail all the pages of your invoices as many as you can get us up to the last 12 months and send them to:

Phone: 1.716.712.4736 (Cell)

94-1221 KaUka Blvd 108-218, 96797
Honolulu, Hawaii

Fax: 877.455.2827 (Toll Free)

Skype: hits1k